OTEYZA                                 FALL WINTER – 20/21   ABOUT THE COLLECTION

“Lumières” is a celebration of the things that unite us and make us move forward.

It is a tribute to France, its knowledge, its open-mindness, its freedom.

It is a glimpse into Castille’s soul.

OTEYZA draw its strength from its purity of lines and the diversity of textures and colors, which redefine how we look at menswear.

The attention is shifting from the SHAPE to the LIFE growing from the clothes.

OTEYZA creates a new journey for Spanish menswear.

It is an intriguing mix between boldness and simplicity.

This balance is reinforced by the use of merinos wool, made in Spain: its softness creates an almost dream-like universe.

This collection is dominated by colors reminiscent of Spain: deep blacks, merinos white inspired by painter Zurbaran, burgundys..

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