Flora Miranda ‘Cyber Crack’ SS20 Show

Flora Miranda ‘Cyber Crack’ SS20 Show

Tuesday January 21st 2020, 3:00PM

Garage Lübeck

22 rue de Lübeck Paris 75116 FR

With this collection, the Antwerp based, Austrian fashion designer Flora Miranda calls upon those who feel like their system is being cracked: Take charge! Take power! Be creative, educate yourself, learn coding and understand the system so nobody can crack it up. Nothing in this world is good or bad, it’s always what we perceive it to be.

In her upcoming work, Flora Miranda will present the cracks in our, in your system, playing with the borders of our perception by challenging meanings of visuals. This work will be in collaboration with the Italian artist Esther Stocker, who is known for her work with cracking paper and cracking grids that transform our perception.

The music provided will be by the German electronic musician Alec Empire, who not only has a long history of fighting against cyber surveillance and the misuse of the internet for political purposes, but also will give the show the perfect mood: Cyber Crack.

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