CHAKRA BRIDAL: An Ode to Love’s Rebirth

CHAKRA BRIDAL: An Ode to Love’s Rebirth
BloomBloom” is an ode to love’s rebirth, akin to nature’s awakening each spring. This collection embodies the spirit of blossoming love, where beauty and romance entwine in perfect harmony.
Collection III features 9 pieces, with each gown becoming the protagonist of a love story, a journey of luxury, artistry, and opulence. Cascading trains create grand entrances, while intricate lace detailing narrates tales of grace and elegance.
Every gown is a reverent homage to the intricate marvels found within the world of flora. Within the Chakra Atelier, skilled artisans craft each piece, ensuring that every detail exudes couture luxury making each gown an artful masterpiece of unparalleled grace.

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