Andrea Crews inception considers clothing as a medium in its sociological, emotional and
plastic dimension. The presentation of this collec:on carries eco-.‐philosophical message that underlies the brand’s approach since its creation.
At the heart of the FW20 collection Andrea Crews Places and appropriates two controversial animal materials: leather and angora.
Cow Skin and rabbit hair experienced their heyday in the 80’s. Trend of a past era, they became rags, stocked for years, stored in plas:c bundles, and finally delivered to Andrea Crews’ studio.
There, the team revalues them: cleaned, cut, assembled, the clothes are transformed by hand into unique pieces, exclusive for this collection.
A second life gained through a creative and circular process.
Upcycling processes were chosen according to their affinities of adaptation to the material. Vintage
leather becomes patchwork, and adapts to Andrea Crews’ iconic streetwear shapes: oversized sweaters, baggy jacket, basketball
shorts… Loose handbags are transformed into purses, baguette bags or armor.
Angora wool was transformed during a workshop with the students of the Ensad (Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs), with whom were shared our unique techniques of upcycling. This par:cipative pedagogical device enables us to transmit our know-.‐how and enrich our creative process through interac:ons with students.
Ana Castillo, a painter and commiYed artist has painted clothes on clothes, between
“mise en abyme” and optical illusion, the looks multiply as in an endless mirror.
This season, a radical proposal, replaces the classic runway: a performance in a disenchanted after party mood.
A giant wave consisting of an accumulation of mirrors invades space like a tsunami, it is the reflection of our era, narcissistic and dangerous.
The models form a neo-techno horde, they regroup on the catwalk facing the shipwreck, like a life-size raft of the Medusa reflected in the deforming mirror.
At the heart, a musical performance by Bella Baguena, transgender and telluric, invites us to deeply introspect to draw the resources of a profound transformation.

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