Marylise and Rembo Fashion Group is a Belgian family business that has specialized for decades in the design and production of high quality wedding dresses. Starting as a hat shop in 1926, and subsequently evolved into a wholesale bridal accessories company with its own small bridal collection, it then expanded to the company that we know today; a respectable family company and the driving force behind the three Belgian bridal brands Marylise, Rembo Styling and Carta Branca. Since 2020, the group MRFG added a third new label called Carta Branca to its portfolio. One of the ways to become the player of the future is by diversifying: a wider range with multiple brands so that we can appeal to different types of brides. That is one of the reasons that we launch Carta Branca, our premium line in collaboration with Véronique Branquinho. With Carta Branca we want to attract a niche market, that of the fashionista who is looking for something exceptional. We deliberately opted for other, more exclusive materials and an even more refined finish. This new collection provides us with an asset to conquer new markets such as North and South America and China. To get the attention we need eye-catchers. Carta Branca answers that need. MRFG has both the knowhow and expertise in-house from design to production and sales. In 2020 there are 629 bridal boutiques in 20 different countries from Europe to America, Australia, China and Japan. Recently the fourth generation of the family took the helm of the company.


Apart from the various creations that can be found at MRFG, all of the wedding dresses bear the mark of unique craftsmanship; they are individually produced in the traditional way, and with lots of love, by highly skilled seamstresses in Portugal. The Portuguese workshop is the heart and soul of MRFG and acts as a well-oiled machine. Because the fashion company has this expertise in their own hands, it’s able to respond quickly to new demands from the market with both brands. A big plus: we keep our ecological footprint limited!

Company culture

The mission of Marylise and Rembo Fashion Group is to inspire brides worldwide and to help to provide them with an unforgettable day. To achieve this there are a number of relevant building blocks needed in a company. For example, team spirit and creativity are essential. The team spirit within the company is huge. Creatively we work with a group of designers. This pays off: each year MRFG shifts the creative boundaries of bridal fashion. Combining the creative forces not only ensures that the group MRFG remains stronger, but also that the bridal brands have become more progressive. The bride of 2021 knows perfectly what she wants. MRFG responds to their wishes with three powerful collections; Marylise and Rembo Styling and the new premium line Carta Branca. For the first time, Rembo Styling is also launching a sustainable range, made with the same craftsmanship in Portugal.

Rembo Styling

The contemporary bride realizes there is no planet B. She wants a sustainable dress, locally produced and made from responsible materials. MRFG answers this question with a sustainable capsule collection within Rembo Styling. Our goal is to do better every season and to make a larger part of the collection sustainable. A lot of attention goes to the search for the right materials. We found beautiful materials such as bamboo, Belgian hemp, cupro viscose and recycled polyester. Sustainable can also be fashionable! In 2021, Rembo Styling stands for sophisticated, daring and cheerful. The design team created a diverse range of tailor-made dresses for contemporary brides who want to be themselves on their best day. The collection of 2021 cannot be placed in a box. At Rembo Styling the focus is on modern lace types such as geometric motifs, thick guipures and macramé. Puffed sleeves in particular are on the rise, executed in subtle lace.


Pure lines, a close-fitting silhouette, and refined lace are central to Marylise in the 2021 collection. Marylise stands for chic and timeless. The dresses have a perfect cut and are made in refined lace and noble fabrics such as chiffon and silk. In terms of models, we see classics such as close-fitting dresses or a dress with a lace top and a circle skirt. By manufacturing them in trendy materials, it looks very contemporary. Minimalism is also a trend: just think of a sober tight-fitting dress with long, lace sleeves. Beautiful in its simplicity is a long crepe dress with spaghetti straps and a lace waistband.

Carta Branca

MRFG launches a new collection named Carta Branca, a high end bridal fashion line with the famous designer Veronique Branquinho at the helm. Sensual femininity characterizes the collection. Carta Branca is the vision of Véronique Branquinho on bridal fashion. The collection therefore carries a Belgian fashion signature and that means timelessness, noble fabrics and a traditional finish. A bustier dress in plissé soleil could not be missing. You can wear this dress with a cape, an alternative to the bridal veil. Very special is a romantic tulle blouse with large sleeves and a circle skirt which also includes a bustier. Furthermore, there is a tuxedo in the collection, made in matte silk and satin silk, very beautiful with a feminine blouse in chantilly lace. Combine the pants of the suit with the cape and bustier and you get a dramatic effect. The T-shirt dress, a chic silk T-shirt with a large volume at the hem, is very pure and slightly casual. Carta Branca focusses on the fashionista who’s looking for something avant-garde.

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