Sustainable innovation, a passion for excellence and a deeply-rooted Made in Italy tradition: these are the values that drive Reda Group in the manufacturing of exceptional-quality Merino wool textiles. The age-old passion of Reda Group has been passed down from generation to generation, resisting adversity over time and looking to the future with an approach that is innovative, but at the same time, respectful of the company’s past.The Reda Group story begins in 1865 with the founding of the historic wool mill in Valle Mosso (in the Piedmont region of Italy) by local entrepreneur Carlo Reda and is also linked to the Botto Poala brothers, descendants of a renowned textiles family. In 1919, the Botto Poala brothers acquire the historic wool mill, marking the beginning of a long road that will see Reda Group become an institution of the textile industry both in Italy and abroad. Reda Group’s efforts to preserve the culture of wool and its manufacturing techniques comes from a love for the land and a deep respect for its resources. These efforts are highlighted in the company’s choice to continue to produce its textiles exclusively in the Biella province of Italy.In Reda, luxury takes on a natural dimension, one that seeks to tell a story of commitment and an appreciation for people and for the environment. The connection with the land is strong as is the awareness that producing exceptional textiles is as important as looking after the environment.

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