New collection of Kristina Viirpalu

New collection of Kristina Viirpalu

New collection of Kristina Viirpalu. Each of KV’s couture dresses is unique and one of a kind, to complete 2-3 months of craftsmanship by 3 skilled craftsmen.
The patterns and technologies used for KV’s knitted and embroidered couture garments are unique and unknown in the rest of the world. This makes our garments highly detailed also valuable art objects and living memories of the amazing popular culture of Estonia.

The embroidered bodies of KV are created one pearl and one stitch at a time and take up to a couple of weeks to finish. When the designer has conceived the design and the motif, he delivers it to our master embroiderer who creates the personalized motif using various laces, wool, beads, pearls and ribbons. Each of KV’s couture outfits is unique. An exclusive dress typically takes 2-3 months to finish and three skilled craftsmen to give them their final and delicate shape. At the beginning, the dress is handmade by the artisans of this unique craftsmanship in Haapsalu. The dress is then sent to the KV atelier in Tallinn, where the dressmaker models it in the required shape using the finest fabrics. The last person to work on the dress is the embroiderer who adds the necessary amount of pearly exuberance to the dress.

KV jackets, coats, trousers and skirts are the pinnacle of a meticulous tailoring. All items are unique luxury items handmade in our Atelier in the historic center of Tallinn.

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