INTERNATIONAL COUTURE “Mediterranean Moonlight”

INTERNATIONAL COUTURE “Mediterranean Moonlight”

Fashion Show with: Abiddikkia, Barbara Piekut, Flavia Valentini, Flavio Filippi, Laith Maalouf & Missaki CoutureAccessories by Elle Bag, Fleur d’Oranger & Marina Corazziari

Fashion, Art and Culture as a vehicle for integration among Mediterranean countries. The Med-Or Foundation supported the eighth edition of the International Couture fashion show event entitled “Mediterranean Moonlight” organized by the Italian-Lebanese Cultural Institute, President Maurice Salamé, under the patronage of the Embassy of Lebanon in Italy, in the prestigious location of MAXXI, National Museum of 21st Century Arts, on July 13th, in Altaroma calendar.  The protagonists of the show, who came from Lebanon, Jordan, Poland and Italy, have been selected for the originality of the creations, the beauty of the fabrics and materials used, the precision of the cuts and the care with which the artifacts are made. On International Couture’s catwalk, “Mediterranean Moonlight,” we admired on catwalk the creations of Abiddikkia, Barbara Piekut, Flavia Valentini, Flavio Filippi, Laith Maalouf and Missaki Couture accompanied by the following accessories: Elle Bag by Lucrezia Battaglia, Marina Corazziari Jewels and Fleur d’Oranger shoes. The models’ look was entrusted for hair styling to The Best Club by Wella, art director Giovanni Salerno and for make-up to Face Place Academy by Pablo art director Gil Cagné. The general organization was done by Maria Christina Rigano Councilor of the Italian-Lebanese Cultural Institute.

The fashion show, Mediterranean Moonlight presented by International Couture, begins with the collection entitled “THE FOUR ELEMENTS – A MATERIAL IMAGINATION” by the young designer FLAVIA VALENTINI. Earth, Fire, Air and Water are the elements that inspire the brand born in the heart of Rome, a symbol of an innovative vision of the world of Italian craftsmanship, which wants to enhance the relationship between quality and eco-sustainability, creating a new dimension of sustainable luxury that goes beyond standards and conventions, such as its exclusive collection of Burkini made with a technical design that allows maximum mobility and comfort both in and out of the water and ultra-fast drying.


From ancient Rome, International Couture’s Mediterranean journey lands in Panarea for the new collection of A’BIDDIKKIA which breaks the usual patterns of custom printing and presents the “MONOCROM” collection with a feminine and essential mood for a woman who shows her sensuality while not being afraid to highlight a seductive silhouette. Giovanna Mandarano, designer and owner of the brand, has chosen soft plain-colored fabrics and neutral colors that envelop the female body. Touch of color is the exceptional inclusion of some garments in emerald green, a color reminiscent of the nature of her Panarea. A small Swarovski detail embellishes and personalizes each outfit.

ELLE BAG by LUCREZIA BATTAGLIA with the “LEVITAS” collection along with Flavia Valentini & Abiddikkia catwalk. The brand born by chance from the complicity of a mother and daughter who began sewing plush bags to pass the time, lands today on the catwalks with the “Levitas” collection. “Pluma levis est” is the key concept from which to start, the delicacy and gracefulness of feathers combine with the dynamism of colors, representing vivacity and a desire to escape. The softness and shine of satin, which is present in every model of this collection, give vitality and delicacy to these day and night bags.

The journey of beauty offered by International Couture continues with the Polish designer BARBARA PIEKUT, with her evening and bridal gowns celebrating her love for lace and embroidery. Already known in Paris, Berlin, Rome and Milan she lands for the first time at Altaroma and International Couture, with the brand MO.YA Fashion and the collection titled “LIBERTÀ” inspired by the music of the famous Polish composer Abel Korzeniowski, and made under the sponsorship of ‘’.  It is a sensual, charming collection full of passion and love for high fashion enriched by beautiful handmade jewelry with Polish amber.

Italy is the dominant point of Mediterranean Moonlight’s journey, with young designer FLAVIO FILIPPI and his new collection titled “HORTENSE” from the fine and flowing fabrics, such as organza, chiffon, satin, duchesse and mikado, enriched with lace embroidered with crystals and glass pastes, recalling the fashion of the 1950s.  Loosely inspired by the cultural tradition of the infiorata that made Genzano, his hometown, famous throughout the world, he presents gowns suitable for different occasions, from cocktails to the grand gala, that refer to the vivacity of spring and nature reborn, dressing in wonderful colorful flowers: the blue and gold of iris, the pink of peach blossoms, or the velvety colors typical of roses or more garish like those of tulips.


Flavio Filippi evening gowns were shown on catwalk along with MARINA CORAZZIARI collection, the “MEDITERRANEAN JEWELS”. A sculpture jewelry, works of art on a small scale. Marina eclectic Mediterranean style blends neo-ethnic with Art Nouveau, baroque with post-industrial. Gold or silver, to support stones such as coral, topaz, turquoise, ivory and mother-of-pearl, Entire parures made with coral, turquoise, topaz and ivory, aqua-marine and blue topaz, jade and amber set in silver and gold plates to celebrate lines and colors of the multicultural Mediterranean.

And finally, Mediterranean Moonlight lands in the Middle East, first stop in Lebanon presenting MISSAKI COUTURE’s “ALTHEA” collection. Althea is a poetic, almost ethereal name found in Greek myth and pastoral poetry. The collection is bold and asymmetrical, with patterns inspired by ancient art and mythology. Each garment is designed and handcrafted to embrace Greek roots in a modern way, with rich textures, vibrant colors and lightness of fabrics that celebrate the beauty and strength of the female figure, body and mind.

Mediterranean Moonlight, concludes its journey, and International Couture’s last stop in the Middle East with Jordan designer LAITH MAALOUF and his “AQUATIC LEGENDS” collection. “I have been feeling very clearheaded about sharing fables of deep dark seas. A sea that embodies the ever-changing outside world that speaks of aquatic legends that tell the magic of their world. The colors are those of the marine world, deep blue, emerald green, lilac and coral pink and red.” Laith Maalouf, was proposed to show in International Couture by Jordan Fashion Week, a platform that by providing support to local and regional fashion designers aims to evolve the Kingdom’s textile and fashion industry through design, culture and tourism based in Amman.

“TEMPTATION” shoes collection by FLEUR D’ORANGER a brand born from the goal of offering a product of the highest quality made to original designs with wisdom and love. With its decades of experience, Fleur d’Oranger follows the best tradition of Italian craftsmanship in choosing essential models Made in Italy with carefully chosen materials to achieve the quality that distinguishes the product, from the choice of leather to the stitching technique to the application of the sole, all steps are done by hand.

International Couture would like to thank, the students of the UNINT International University of Rome for their collaboration in the organization and the fashion & design students of Liceo Artistico A. Caravillani for their backstage collaboration. We also thank Forno Damiani who provided tasty snacks to refresh the lively backstage.

CREDITS: Coordinator Anna Rita Sereno – Show production Mazzini Eventi – Show producer Alessandro Mazzini – Casting manager Eleonora Eutizi – Make-Up: Face Place Academy by Pablo art Director Gil Cagné – Hair Styling: The Best Club by Wella art Directors: Giovanni Salerno, Alessio Larghetti, Antonello Lotito, Luigi Vernengo, Leo Libardi, Luca Morellato – Ph.: by Pietro Piacenti

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