GEORGES CHAKRA        HAUTE COUTURE SS2020                          BEYOND THE USUAL

The most refined textiles in those super feminine and original outfits are the key of George Chakra’s success.
The designer blends in a delicious way tradition with innovation: his love for handcraft and sperimentation brings him to a deep research in new lines and sensual constructions.
Sweet moments in the life style of the real woman when she wears those unique organzas which sees through the shape of her sinuous body even when laces are more like framing it,pinpointing her misterious allure, sofisticati and charme.

Tessuti ricercati, modelli sempre originali e iper femminili: la chiave del successo di Georges Chakra è tutta in questo originale mix tra tradizione e innovazione, passione per l’artigianato e amore per la sperimentazione che porta a un grande lavoro di ricerca stilistica, di nuove linee, costruzioni e femminilità.
Dolci momenti di vera femminilità, anche quando veste del tulle che lascia trasparire il corpo, anche quando il pizzo si fa ammiccante, la donna dello stilista Georges Chakra resta misteriosa, charmant e sofisticata.

For the new Spring Summer 2020 Couture collection, Georges Chakra pays tribute to his home country, Lebanon. Far from clichés, he embraces, with an unwavering sophistication, the complexity of the current reality. Lebanon’s frantic energy, its youth’s desire for freedom and their rights, and the mobilization of the recent months are at the heart of the couturier’s work, sensitive to the demands of an entire generation. This engagement affects Georges Chakra’s own family, the team members of his House and atelier, who will be present for the first time on the catwalk at the end of the fashion show. The white rose given to each guest embodies the support for a peaceful change in Lebanon. The floral motif, dear to Georges Chakra, is a frame that also runs throughout the entire collection. Silhouettes, like so many blank pages on which to write new stories, meet a mini dress made entirely of ivory petals, a tulle ensemble appliqué with roses, bouquets printed on fluorescent pink Duchess satin, similar to the florals hand-painted on the silk gazar of an extravagant gown. A shroud of transparencies infuses the collection with an ethereal refinement that juxtaposes with the sophisticated work on voluminous layers. The clean algorithmic geometry of a bubble dress, origami embroideries and pleated organza run along with fitted bustiers, bare backs, fluid capes and fabrics scattered with feathers and hand-embroidered with sequins and pearls. This game of contrasts exudes an energy, uplifted by a play on lengths of ultra-long and mini, calling out to imaginary red carpets and disco dance floors of the 1970s. White, bright pink, aquamarine, water green, lagoon, sky or glacier, iridescent jungle prints. The color palette evokes a wild nature, between lush forests and the fantasy of a tropical island where the weather would always be beautiful, and where pearls in indefinable hues would shine from under clear blue waters. Glimmers of gold and silver magnify the vibrancy of the fabrics and compliment their precious matte shades. This Couture Eden is fierce, illustrated by the flames embellishing a gown with a boat neck framed by gladiator sandals, reminiscent of a feminine warrior. In honor of his friendship with the renowned jewelry designer Fawaz Gruosi, a special creation will be presented on the runway. Celebrating love and hope, the necklace adorning the brides neck is white gold set with 46 pear-shape emeralds (approx. 57.15 Ct), 45 brilliant-cut white diamonds (approx. 8.00 Ct) and paved with 3’274 brilliant-cut white diamonds (approx. 116,95 Ct). Proceeds from the sale of the necklace will be donated to the Beirut‘s Children Cancer Hospital and the scholastic scholarships of St. Vincent de Paul School.

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